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GL1800 LED Lighted Chrome Fender Accents

Designed to blend with the smooth lines of the GL1800 front fender, this sleek chrome molding encases a slim lens, housing a bright series of L.E.D.'s. Stunning good looks & additional visibility will make this a popular addition to any GL1800.


LED Vertical Rear Run-Brake Strips

L.E.D. Vertical Rear Run-Brake Light Strips for GL1800 Gold Wing. These look great when mounted on the rear of the GL1800 on the Left and Right side of the license plate area on the back of each saddlebag. Features ultra bright L.E.D.’s that function as both running & brake lights. Red lenses are housed in tasteful smooth chrome accent housings providing style with function. Utilizing plug-&-play wiring & peel-&-stick installation, you’ll be back on the road in no time.


GL1800 LED Lighted Run/Brake Rear Fender Tip

Rear Fender Tip with L.E.D. Run-Brake Accent Light for 2001-2010 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing are ultra bright L.E.D.’s that are fully wrapped in fine chrome for an unbeatable look! Functioning as running & brake lights with red lenses, you’ll definitely get noticed! Plug-&-play wiring with peel-&-stick mounting make installation a breeze.


GL1800 Fairing Spears with LED Accent Lights #7337

GL1800 Gold Wing Fairing Spear Accents pierce through the night with long swooping spears tipped with brilliant L.E.D.’s. Tucking right into the natural fairing body lines these accents are like no other you have seen.


GL1800 LED Turn Signal Mirror Lights #7513

LED Mirror Lights for GL1800 Goldwing are one of our most popular safety items that dress your bike up at the same time. These must be hard wired in unless you already have a Kuryakyn stealth side light kit installed that would make this plug-n-play. These look great.


Low Profile Spoiler w/L.E.D. Run-Turn-Brake Light #3228

Nothing looks better than the fully chromed smooth lines of this spoiler perched on top of your tour trunk. With  included Küryakyn L.E.D. Run-Turn-Brake Light bar you also get full visibility up high for added safety all in one.Installs with most luggage racks & uses the same mounting holes as Honda’s 05-newer style spoiler for easy installation or replacement. Fits 01-10 GL1800 Models.


Windshield Trim w/Amber LED Turn Signals #1367

Kuryakyn GL1800 accessory Upper Chrome Windshield Accent with Amber Turn Signals goes ABOVE your existing windshield accent. Creates an amazing look with extra LED turn signal lighting up front to combine with your existing front turn signals. Adds looks and safety all in one design. 

Lighting Value Covers For GL1800

Lighting Value Covers For GL1800

Metal Chrome Valve Covers INSTANTLY give GL1800 Valve Covers Showbike Looks!Replacement Adhesive Pads also sold seperately on below drop down if ever needed

Replacement Adhesive Pads for Lightning Valve Covers (set)

Replacement Adhesive Pads for Lightning Valve Covers (set)

With this set of Chrome Valve Covers, you can create a sleek, uniform look without compromising the integrity of the stock valve covers and risking leakage or less than perfect fitment. Our chrome covers are held on by a two-sided adhesive pad designed specifically for high temperatures. They fit snugly right on top of the stock valve covers, so they look exactly like replacement chrome covers, but without the expense or the potential headaches
Replacement Adhesive Pads for Chrome Timing Chain Cover Set (set

Replacement Adhesive Pads for Chrome Timing Chain Cover Set (set)

If your eyes hurt from looking at the ugly aluminum cam chain cover, but you don’t want the expense and hassle of having the cover chromed, you’re in luck. Our new Chrome Timing Chain Cover Set for GL1800 covers the entire timing chain cover in minutes. Just peel and stick! The strong adhesive is specially designed for high temperatures. A chrome version of the stock screw-in cap is included in the Chrome Timing Chain Cover Set or is available separatelyh

Timing Hole Cap For GL1800

Timing Hole Cap For GL1800

Replacement Chrome Cap for front GL1800 Gold Wing Timing Cover Hole

GL1800 Timing Covers Kuryakyn Chrome Timing Cover Set

GL1800 Timing Covers Kuryakyn Chrome Timing Cover Set

Kuryakyns GL1800 Chrome Timing Cover Set adds an Total Chrome Look to that dull front timing cover. Really adds an awesome chrome look to that front area
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